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X-HALERS®  is the only Smoking Cessation program to provide both a Smokeless Cigarette to use as a substitute for tobacco/nicotine cigarettes,  as well as a complete CD Stop Smoking  Program in one package for the reasonable price of $29.95 total!

The X-HALERS®  Smokeless Cigarette is a new scientifically-designed product that propels air into the  lungs and  provides the sensation of puffing on a cigarette, but without any nicotine.

The X-HALERS® Stop Smoking CD incorporates a series of behavioral psychology techniques that were developed in a hospital out-patient program for over 10 years.

Smoking is a two-prong addiction. You are hooked on two prongs as a smoker. The first prong that you are hooked on is nicotine.  The second prong is the psychological or behavioral habit pattern.  The X-HALERS® Stop Smoking CD will help you deal with both of these prongs or hooks and help you get unhooked!

You will break the nicotine addicton the first week you use the program, and then learn many psychological methods to break the habit pattern of smoking. 

These methods are all well-known and researched techniques from the field of behavioral psychology. You will learn to recognize and deal with many of the situations that can trigger the urge to go back to smoking.  You will also learn how to use many different healthy, substitutes to replace smoking cigarettes, which will prevent you from relapsing back to smoking. 

Smokers who do not learn to substitute healthy, non-smoking behavioral habits will go back to cigarettes! Those who substitute only food will gain weight. The X-HALERS® Stop Smoking Program will help you learn how to avoid only turning to food when you eliminate cigarettes. 

The X-HALERS® Program has been developed after experience with thousands of smokers.  It does not involve slowly tapering-down from nicotine simply because that only increases awareness of withdrawal.  Rather, X-HALERS®explains why a cold-turkey approach to detoxifying from nicotine will have you avoid long withdrawal problems and be nicotine-free in a week. 

Finally, X-HALERS® provides clear steps to deal with the psychological prong of your smoking addiction.  Specific, scientifically-tested Behavioral Psychology techniques are taught on the 40 minute CD, in very easy steps.


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